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Lace Ounde Rounde

"Ounde" (or onde, undy, etc) is from the French for "wave". Here it's made from two side-by-side chevrons, and is too pointed to be considered a proper heraldic "unde" but the intent is clear enough.

Braids based on chevrons are worked like small "bends" [t24] - one on each hand. This one comes in four versions:

One-worker flat "Cheueron brod" [t30]
One-worker round "A cheueron rounde" [t31][t63][t64]
Two-worker flat "Lace ounde brode" [t33]
Two-worker round "Lace ounde rounde" [t34]

The direction that the loops are given the half-twist determines which side of the braid faces upward during the braiding. For the sake of consistency, all my directions will form a braid with the more attractive side facing down, allowing the outer edges to be easily connected above the braid.

Seat a partner on your right side.

Take sixteen loops in two colors, and place them on the following fingers:
Color 1: A B - all hands.
Color 2: C D - all hands.

Work with the right hands:
A goes through D C B left, and takes the loop on A left unreversed.
(You'll have two loops on A temporarily.)
High the left loops.
Move the loop taken from A left onto D left unreversed.
(The A loop is pulled down though the other loops on the same hand, to end on D.)

Work with the left hands:
A goes through D C B right, and takes the loop on A right unreversed.
High the right loops.
Move the loop taken from A right onto D right unreversed.

Exchange D loops on your own hands:
Put the loop from D right over and around D left, taking back the loop from D left unreversed.

Exchange loops on your inner hands:
(No explanation is given for how to do this. You and your partner need to exchange A loops, with his passing through yours unreversed. Try using your outer hand to pull his loop through yours, giving your inner loop to him, and then transfering his loop from your outer hand to your inner hand.)

Exchange loops on your outer hands:
Put your A loop over and behind your partner's B loop, taking his B unreversed.

Twist all your loops, giving a 180° turn to each loop:
Left hand - Twist the bottom of each loop upward (Counter-clockwise).
Right hand - Twist the bottom of each loop upward (Clockwise).

Repeat from the beginning.

Tollemache 34

Lace ounde rounde of 16.
Set your bows as in the broad lace [t33] work in the same manner and when ye have changed the over bows of your next hand then shall ye change the over bows in the further hand and begin and etc.

Harleian 38

A lace ounde rounde of 16 bowys.
Omnia ut supra [All as above] [h37], save when ye have changed the over bows of your next hands ye shall change the over bows of your further hands.

Serene 50

A lace ownd round.
Set your bows upon your hands as in the ownd broad [s49], and work also in the self manner, save ye shall change here your overbows of your further hands, and begin again.