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Compouner Couert

If you work this braid alone, this is a six loop open lace. It is made just like the 10 loop "A lace compound coverte" [t15] but with one additional loop for each worker.

As with the "lace compound couerte", the option of bringing concealed colors or patterns to the outside of the braid is briefly explored. The Serene ms has a wide variety of this type of 12 loop braid, in many different color patterns.

"Compony" or "compone" is a heraldic term describing a single row of squares in alternating colors.

Serene uses the term "cowpen" which may be a form of "compone" or may be a Middle English variation of "coupen", from the French heraldic "coupe" meaning "cut."

Seat a partner on your right side.

Take twelve departed loops, and place them on the following fingers:
Outer hands: B C D
Inner hands: B C D

Arrange the same color up on all hands - the bottom color forms the outside of the braid.

Work with the inner hands:
A goes through B C D inner, and takes the loop on D outer unreversed.

Work with the outer hands:
A goes through B C outer, and takes the loop on D inner unreversed.
Lower the inner loops.

Exchange loops on your inner hands:
Your A goes through B from within outward, and takes your partner's B unreversed.
Partner's A takes your B unreversed.
Lower A to B.

Exchange loops on your outer hands:
Both workers reverse the A loop "downward".
Put your A loop over and behind your partner's A loop, taking his A unreversed.
Both workers reverse the A loop "upward" (undoing the twist from the previous step).
Lower the outer loops.

Repeat from the beginning.

As desired:
Bring the second color to the surface of the braid by twisting every loop so the color on the bottom is now on the top, and continue working as before.

Tollemache 60

Compouner couert of 12 bows.
Take 12 bows departed as in the lace bordered [t59/t10] and set 3 on B C D on both thy hands and on thy fellows hands and look that all bows on thy hands and thy fellows be one color above and another beneath than A left shall take through B C D left the bow D right unreversed [*] then high thy right bows and D right shall take the bow D left then low thy left bows [*] in the same manner shall thy fellow then change your over bows of your next handes and of your further hands and begin again till you have a componer so long as you will then reverse all your bows so that the other color be above and work in the same manner till you have another componer.

[I questioned grouping this with Serene's 12-loop covert braid [s11 below], because the instructions are different - different to the point that they do not produce a tube-in-tube braid. This is likely the result of a copying error. The section between the two *s is only appropriate for a two-worker chevron braid such as [t29], and does not fit in with the surrounding lines. The Serene instructions contain the correct lines.]

Serene 11

A Lace cowpen covert.
Make it of twelve bows be the half of one color, the other of another color, and be three bows upon B, C, D of both thy hands, and of thy fellows also, and be all the one color above of both your hands, then take with A right through all thy bows of the self hand, the bow D left, and also do with thy left hand, and thy fellow do also and work in the same manner, as in the double covert of ten bows [s10] till thou hast all done.

[The "Double Covert of 10 bows" [s10] is formed over a core, but I suspect the reference is only for connecting the layers into tubes. The instructions don't indicate that the loops should be reversed periodically to form a "cowpen", however the following braid [s12] (a color variation of this one) specifies that "the bows of this lace shall never be reversed", confirming that the loops in this lace are reversed as desired.]