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A Lace Bend of 4 Colors

This is one braid in a set of braids based on exchanging loops between fingers.

"A lace bend rounde" [t25] is a two color variation of this braid. The Bend of his bowis [t26] is similar, but uses two workers.

The "Lace maskell" [t27] and the "Cheyne braid" [t28] are also worked by exchanging loops, but in an entirely different sequence.

"Bend" is the heraldic term for a diagonal line. It's odd Tollemache kept the braid name, because this color arrangement forms stripes.

Take eight loops in four colors, and place them on the following fingers:
Color 1 (white): A right, and D left
Color 2 (black): B right, and C left
Color 3 (green): C right, and B left
Color 4 (red): D right, and A left

Work only with the right hand:
A exchanges with D left reversed.
(Put the A right loop over and around D left, taking D left reversed.)
B exchanges with C left reversed.
C exchanges with B left reversed.
D exchanges with A left reversed.

[You're working down the fingers of the right hand while working up the fingers of the left hand. I've learned from my students that it's easier to keep track of where you are if you don't tighten the braid until all 4 exchanges have been completed.]

Repeat from the beginning.

Tollemache 65

A lace bend of 4 colors.
Take 8 bows of 4 colors that is to wit 2 of white 2 of black 2 of green and 2 of red or of other colors as it please you then shall you set them on your hand in this manner one color on A left another color on B left another color on C left and another color on D left and on the right hand in this manner the bow that is fellow to A left that is to say of the same color shall be set on D right and the color that is fellow to B left shall be set on C right and the color that is fellow to C left on B right and the color that is fellow to D left on A right then shall you work as it is before said on the lace bend of 8 [t25] and etc.