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A Lace covert de bastuve

"Baston" is a Middle English word for "staff" or in this case, narrow vertical stripes. This isn't the first time Serene has substituted "uv" for "on".

If you work this braid alone, this is a six loop open lace. It is made just like the 10 loop "A lace compound coverte" [t15] but with one additional loop for each worker.

A color variation of this braid is Serene's "An other Lace of coupen covert depiole" [s12] (Tollemache's "Couert of piole [t61]).

Seat a partner on your right side.

Take twelve departed loops, and place them on the following fingers:
Outer hands: B C D
Inner hands: B C D

Arrange one color up on your right hands, and the other up on the left.

Work with the inner hands:
A goes through B C D inner, and takes the loop on D outer unreversed.

Work with the outer hands:
A goes through B C outer, and takes the loop on D inner unreversed.
Lower the inner loops.

Exchange loops on your inner hands:
Your A goes through B from within outward, and takes your partner's B unreversed.
Partner's A takes your B unreversed.
Lower A to B.

Exchange loops on your outer hands:
Reaching forward and under the braid, put your A loop over and behind your partner's A loop, taking his A unreversed.
Lower all the loops on the outer hands.

Repeat from the beginning.

Serene 22

A Lace covert de bastuve.
Take twelve bows in the self manner departed, and in the self manner set on thy hands and on thy fellows, as in the cowpen covert of twelve bows [s11], save in this the color that is above on your right hands shall be beneath on your left hands, and in the same manner shall you work as in the cowpen covert of twelve bows [s11] save the bows shall never be reversed.