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The Same Lace Compound

This braid is unlike any of the other braids, but all three manuscripts contain it. Serene includes two additional color variations - "A lace called Cow-de-rate" [s37] and "The Same Lace" [s38]

The odd names given to this braid come from anglisized French - "coudresse", meaning "stitched", and "con drache" meaning "with grape vine".

This braid looks like a series of vertical threads stitched down by a spiral of threads in a second color. Consistent, gentle tightening is the key to keeping the spiral evenly spaced.

Take seven departed loops, and place them on the following fingers:
Left hand: A B C D
Right hand: B C D

Arrange the same color up on both hands - the top color forms the "stitches".
Tie the far end to a swivel - it needs to rotate while being worked.

Work with the right hand:
A goes through B right from within outward, under all the loops of both hands,
and takes the over side of A left unreversed.
High the left loops.
D left takes D right unreversed.
Low the right loops.

Repeat from the beginning.

As desired:
Bring the second color to the surface of the braid by twisting every loop so the color on the bottom is now on the top, and continue working as before.

Serene 39

The Same Lace compound.
When thou wilt make this lace coupen. Take seven bows as before with fix departed, and in self manner set as in the cowlace [s37], and work in the same manner, save that the bow A left shall be taken unreversed, and when you have a good portion reverse your bows and begin again.