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A Lace of Diverse Colors

This braid is a color variation of "an open lace" [t4].

Working with departed loops, with all of one color up, will produce two braids - one in each color.

Take five departed loops, and place them on the following fingers:
Left hand: A B C
Right hand: B C

Arrange the same color up on both hands

Work with the right hand:
A goes through B C right, and takes the loop on C left unreversed.
Lower the left loops.

Work with the left hand:
A goes through B C left, and takes the loop on C right unreversed.
Lower the right loops.

Repeat from the beginning.

Serene 5

The same lace of diverse colors.
And if thou wilt make two laces together, the one of one color, the other of another, of 5 bows, of the which the half end shall be of one color, that other of another, and be the one color above, the other beneath and sinthes work in the same manner as is afore said in the open lace [s4].