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The same Lace Compound.

This is a compound version of the previous "A lace cheveron broad of sixteen bowes" [s69]. It switches the color pattern from front to back, in alternating segments.

The one worker version (without the "compound" portion) appears much earlier as "The Same Round (lace daunce)" [s14].

Tollemache and Harleian don't explore the potential for this eight loop structure beyond the "Lace daunce [t12] itself, but Serene offers the three round versions mentioned above.

"Daunce" is the heraldic term for a zig-zag pattern, with the "cheveron" being the center point. "Rayed" describes thin lines, or stripes.

Seat a partner on your right side.

Take sixteen loops, half departed, and place them on the following fingers:
Color 1: A B - all hands
Color 2/3: C D - all hands

Arrange one color up on the outer hands, and the opposite on the inner hands.

Work with the inner hands:
A goes through B C D inner, and takes the loop on D outer reversed. (You'll have two loops on A.)
Lower the outer loops.

Work with the outer hands:
A goes through B C D outer, and takes the loop on D inner reversed.
Lower the inner loops as follows:
C loop moves down onto D.
B loop moves down onto C.
With B, hook the original (inner) A loop,
pulling it over and around the new (outer) A loop and down onto B.

Exchange loops on your inner hands:
(No explanation is given for how to do this. You and your partner need to exchange A loops, with his passing through yours unreversed. Try using your outer hand to pull his loop through yours, giving your inner loop to him, and then transfering his loop from your outer hand to your inner hand.)

Repeat from the beginning.

As desired:
Reverse the colors of the cheverons and rays by twisting all the loops so the color on the bottom is now on the top, and continue working as before.
[Note: For a clean transition, don't reverse all the loops at once. Instead, take the bi-colored loops unreversed for two passes, and then resume taking all loops reversed as directed.]

Serene 70

The same Lace Compound.
When you have made one good cowpen, reverse all your bows and work as afore, till you have made another cowpen, and then reverse again all your bows, and begin again.