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Braids by Source Manuscript

A list of braids from all three manuscripts, showing equivalents. They can be sorted by clicking on a manuscript name in the column headings.

(65 braids)
(42 braids)
(70 braids)
t01 - Introductory paragraph - no braid
h01 - Introductory paragraph - no braid
s01 - The description of the Art - no braid
t02 - A brod lace of 5 bowys
h02 - Brode lace of v bowes
s02 - A broad Lace of V bows
t03 - A lace common rownd of 5 bowys
h03 - Round lace of v bowys
s03 - A Lace round of V bow
t05 - A thyne lace of 5 bowis
h04 - Thynne lace of v bowys
t06 - A lace Bastonne
h05 - Lace baston
s06 - A lace bastuve of five Bows
t04 - A opyn lace of 5 bowis
h06 - Open lace of v bowys
s04 - An open Lace of V bows
t07 - A lace endentyd
h07 - Lace endented
t08 - A thyn lace bordred
h08 - Thyn lace bordred on both sydes
t09 - A lace bordred the one syd
h09 - Lace bordred in one syde
t10 - A thyke lace bordred
t59 - Lace borderd of ii felaws
h10 - Thykke lace bordred
s08 - A Lace bordered
t16 - Lace cowe de race
h11 - Lace condrak departyd
s38 - The same lace (cow-de-rate)
t18 - An holow lace of 10 bowis
h12 - Holow lace of x bowys
t19 - An holow lace of 7 bowis
h13 - Lace holow of vij bowys
t12 - Lace daunce
h14 - Lace dawns
t11 - Lace piole
h15 - Lace piol
s15 - A Lace piole
t13 - Lace couerte
h16 - Lace couert
s09 - A Lace covert of ten bowes
t14 - Lace double couerte
h17 - Lace couerte doble
s10 - A Lace double covert
t15 - Lace compound couerte
h18 - Lace compon couerte
t17 - Lace endente
h19 - Lace endented
s64 - A Lace indented
t27 - Lace maskell
h20 - Lace maskel
s35 - A lace Maskell
t20 - A brod lace of 7 bowis
h21 - Brode lace of vij bowes
s25 - A broad lace for Purses of seven bows
t21 - An opyn lace of 7 bowis
h22 - Open lace of 7 bowes
s26 - The same lace open (broad)
t22 - A rownd lace parti
h23 - Lace round party
s27 - A Lace partie round
t23 - A brod lace party
h24 - Brode lace party
s29 - A lace partie broad
t24 - A lace bend brod of 8 bowis
h25 - Lace bend brode of eyth bowes
s41 - A Lace bend
t25 - A lace bend of 8
h26 - Lace bend rounde of 8 bowes
s34 - A lace corduve of eight bowes
t26 - Bend of his bowis
h27 - Las bend on hys bowys
t28 - Cheyne brede
h28 - Lace cheyne brode
t29 - Cheueron of 12
h29 - Las cheueron of 12 bowes
t30 - Cheueron brod of viii bowis
h30 - Brode lace cheueron of 8 bowes
s47 - A lace cheveron broad of eight bowes
t31 - A Cheueron rounde of 8
t63 - A cheueron round of 8 bowis nat acordyng ...
t64 - A nother cheueron round
h31 - Round cheueron of 8 bowes
s48 - A lace Cheveron round
t32 - A Chevron brod of 16
h32 - Cheueron of 16 bowes
s43 - A Lace cheveron broad
 h33 - Cheueron rounde of 16 bowes
s44 - A Lace cheveron round
t35 - Penne powne
h34 - Lace penner
s45 - A Lace penne de pound
s46 - A Lace enleved of sixteen bowes
t36 - A brode lace with a crose and a olyet
h35 - Brode lace with cros and olyet
t37 - A rovnd lace with a cros olyet
h36 - Round lace wyth cros and olyet
t33 - Lace ounde brod of 16
h37 - Lace ounde brode of 16 bowes
s49 - A lace ownd of sixteen bowes
t34 - Lace ounde rovnde of 16
h38 - Lace ounde rounde of 16 bowys
s50 - A lace ownd round
t38 - Greyne dorge of 6 bowis
h39 - Grene dorge of vj bowes
s65 - A Lace green de orgee
t39 - Grene dorge of 12 bowis
h40 - Grene dorge of 12
s66 - The same double with twelve bowes (green de orgee)
t40 - A lace for hattes of 2 felaws
h41 - Lace for hattys
t41 - A lace for hattes of 3 fallaws
h42 - Lace for hattys (incomplete)
t42 - A lace sauntor brod
 s51 - A lace sawter of eight bowes
t43 - Cros olyet round of 8 bowis
 s52 - A Lace Croisle
t44 - Cros olyet brod of 8 bowis
 s53 - A Lace Croise Uliet
t45 - Double loseng
 s54 - A Lace double losenge
t46 - Double crosset
 s55 - A Lace double croisle
t47 - Sauntor oliet of 16 bowis
 s59 - A Lace Sawter Uliet
t48 - Sauntur oliet round
 s60 - The same Lace round (sawter uliet)
t49 - Lace frettys
 s36 - A lace called the fret
t50 - Frett oliet rownd
 s61 - A Lace fret Uliet round
t51 - Fret oliet brod
 s62 - The same Lace fret and broad
t52 - Lace cressant
 s63 - A Lace cressant
t53 - Lace amerous breide
t54 - Lace ray
t55 - Lace pall
 s31 - A lace called pale
t56 - Lace vinee of 8 bowis
 s68 - A Lace that is called Vinee
t57 - Lace vinee of 16 bowys
t58 - Lace brod of ii felaws
 s07 - A broad Lace for Purses of ten bowes
t60 - Compouner couert of xii bowis
 s11 - A Lace cowpen covert
t61 - Couert of piole
 s12 - An other Lace of coupen covert depiole
t62 - A lace brod party of 7 bowis nat acordyng ...
t65 - A lace bend of 4 colours
  s13 - A Launce daunce broad of twelve bowes
  s14 - The same round (lace daunce)
  s16 - A Lace covert cheveron
  s17 - A lace depowne
  s18 - A lace of covert Viceray
  s19 - The same lace compounds (covert viceray)
  s20 - A Lace Demi-cheveron
  s21 - The same Compound (demi-cheveron)
  s22 - A Lace covert de bastuve
  s23 - A Lace covert de bastuve de-miray
  s24 - A Lace Bastuve techell
  s28 - The same Compound (partie round)
  s30 - The same lace ray (partie broad)
  s32 - A lace quarter and quar-tell
  s33 - The same compound (quarter and quar-tell)
  s37 - A lace called Cow-de-rate
  s39 - The same Lace compound (cow-de-rate)
  s40 - The same Lace of sixteen bowes (referent missing)
  s42 - The same Lace of sixteen bowes (lace bend)
  s05 - The same Lace of divers colours (open lace)
  s56 - A Lace uliet boss
  s57 - A Lace uliet vine
  s58 - A Lace Uliet boss
  s67 - A Lace vice of three colours
  s69 - A Lace cheveron broad of sixteen bowes
  s70 - The same Lace Compound (cheveron broad)